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Overview Features Technical Specifications
7000-A 620Q  Mstar       支持4种轻量级智能,需IPC前端智能
Operating System:Embedded LINUX operating system
Video Standard:H.265+/ H.265/H.264
Smart Analysis《With Smart IPC,suppoat》:Target Count, Object Left /Lost, Area Detection, Line Crossing
Video & Audio Input:IPC composite stream network audio input ;IPC composite stream network audio input
Video & Audio Output:1CH, HDMI can output audio at the same time;VGA:1CH;Preview Split:1/4/9 screen
Video & Audio Codec:Video Resolution:1080P and below resolution;Synchronized Playback:Support adaptive stream preview and playback:9 screens D1, 4 screens 1280*720, single screen 1920*1080;
External Ports :Internet :1xRJ45 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet port 
USB:2xUSB2.0 rear; 
HDD Port :1xSATA;
MAX Capacity  :MAX Capacity  :up to 8TB  
Network Management:UPnP (Plug & Play), SNMP (Simple Network Management), NTP (Network Timekeeping), SADP (Device Network Search), SMTP (Mail Service), NFS (Access NAS), iSCSI (IP SAN Application), PPPoE (Dial-up Internet access), DHCP (automatically obtain IP address)
Remote Monitoring:Supports Windows 7 and above computer client, supports Apple MAC computer client
Power Supply:DC 12V2A (external adapter); 
Working Temperature : -10℃--+55℃
Working Humidity :10%-90%
Power Consumption:≤10W
Dimensions :Device:260mm×220mm×43mm,
Outside Carton  :10 pcs/carton. Dimension:462mm×365mm×530mm;Weight:12Kg
Installation Method:Desktop installation

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