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Case Description:

It works with my Wifi, but can't work with my 3G, why?

  • This usually happens because the IP address you want to connect is virtual (eg. 192.168.x.x). Virtual IP can only be recognized in local network, and can't be accessed outside (eg. 3G). You'll need to access into your router, and set "Port Forwarding", so that any device outside can access your devices. For more detail, please check the manual.


Do I have to pay for DDNS?

  • No, ANTAI provides free DDNS service. You can set DDNS directly in Device. Please notice that AVTECH DDNS server is a free and simple service. If you need a service which is more professional and has more permanence. Please register in other DDNS server, and apply for an new domain name for your products


Does those ip camera only work with Static IP?

  • Yes, they works with Static IP, DHCP, and PPPoE


I cannot complete network setup by following the Quick Setup manual. What should I do next?

  • Please check the advanced network setup manua了
  • If you still have problems with the network setup, please send email direct to us


What is UPnP?

  • UPnP is a fast protocol for network setting. If your router also supports UPnP, then it'll be easier for you to setup any of our products which supports UPnP, too. For more detail, please check the manual of your products


Am I supposed to set "Port Forwarding"? Why? How?

  • When you have a router in your environment, you'll need to set "Port Forwarding" to allow all external users to access the IPCAM/DVR under the router. For more detail, please check the manual of your router


Does ip camera work in the network system of a building or a community?

  • You won't be able to access your device if you're out of the building or community, unless you have rights to access the router of the building, and change some settings. We'll suggest you ask the administrator of the buiding to help you set Port Forwarding for you. For some other cases, you'll have your own router at home, and that'll be the second router, so you'll need to set 2 levels of port forwarding


How can I place a Micro SD card into your device? And how can I backup data from Micro SD card?

  • Please notice that AVN80X does not support hot swap. (Hot swapping means to take out or insert Micro SD card without unplug the power first) In order to use the backup function, please note that you have to insert the Micro SD card into the devices at the right direction
  • Backup Instruction: There are two ways to backup data from your devices The first one is using Internet Explorer. The other method is to place the Micro SD card into Micro SD card readers and insert it on to your PC to view the playback or to proceed backup function


Do I have alarm function without any alarm I/O sensor?

  • Part of our products have built-in PIR With these products, users can still use get motion detection sensor by arming the camera


What is the effective distance of PIR?

  • It can reach upto 5 meters, but this technique will be affected by the temperature of your environment, temperature of human body, and air stream... We also suggest the sensor should be installed in 30°C. For more accuracy, please install other alarm devices (eg. magnetism reed)


Can I record or backup the image sees in my computer or smart phone?

  • You can record the images in its micro SD card and you can also backup the files into your own PC, but can't record in your phon


I changed the resolution of the camera, but it seems no difference. Why?

  • It could be because some other user also access to your device at the same time. When someone is connecting by their phone, the resolution will be fixed at VGA



Case Description:

The host computer fails to start after being connected to the power supply?

Check whether the power switch on the back of the host computer is opened.
Check whether the starting operation is correct.
Check whether the source power is sufficient.


Does it keep in the starting-up logo frame?

Physical damages have occurred to the hard disk.
The system guiding is abnormal.


Starting-up is very slow?

The hard disk error will lead to repeated hard disk check by the DVR host computer, thus causing slowly starting-up.


The host computer restarts repeatedly?

Please check power supply of the host computer. After hitching a lot of hard disks, it’s possible that the host computer starts up repeatedly due to insufficient power.
Please disconnect the gridline, and then check if the machine operation is normal. Network with serious failures is also likely to lead to repeated starting-up of the host computer.


The machine crashed during reproducing or watching the visual recording information by proper application?

Check whether there is anything wrong with hitching of the hard disk, and change the failed one in time.
Whether the ambient temperature is high.
Whether there is any heavy-current device near to the host computer or the circumscribing video device. The heavy current impacts the video cable, and make the host computer fail to work properly, thus leading to system crash.


Updating operation has failed?

The host computer is unable to identify the poor U-disk due to its poor compatibility. It’s recommended to test more than one U, or to use new-brand U-disks.
The USB port contact is poor. During updating, the voltage fluctuates dramatically.


The image on the invigilator or the TV set is black and white?

Check whether the video input, DVR host computer, invigilator or the TV set system is
absolutely consistent. If not, please set the invigilator or the TV set system option in the automatic
identification state.


There is no anything displayed on the invigilator or the TV set?

Check whether the invigilator power supply is opened, and whether the invigilator’s brightness is in its lowest condition.
Check whether the video cable is properly connected, and whether there is anything wrong in the circuit.


There is obvious water wave in the image, and interference deformation has occurred?

Whether the video cable is short or broken, or whether there is cold joint or poor connection.
The video cable bears the power interference. The video cable can extend wire along with the heavy-current circuits. Meanwhile, please select good-quality shielding lines.
Within the whole system, only single point earthing rather than multipoint earthing of the central machine can be applied. Otherwise, there will be common mode interference. Please connect the DVR host computer to the ground with the grounding screw on its back.
Check whether aging occurs to the camera, the invigilator or the circuit.


Color infidelity occurs to both the real-time image and the visual recording data?

Whether the output/input video parameters have been adjusted properly in the host computer’s menu?
Check that everything is well in the connecting lines.


The image distorts, becomes flickering, Distortion, flicker and color cast occur to the image when using the computer’s display?

Make sure that the VGA connecting line is properly earthed with the host computer.
High working ambient temperature or poor radiation of the DVR host computer cause abnormal operation of the VGA display chip or abnormal parameters of related circuit.


There will be mosaic during playback of the visual record on the host computer side?

Low visual recording parameters will lead to overall fall of the visual recording quality, and mosaic occasionally.
Damaged section in the hard disks can also cause mosaic during playback of the visual record.


The client-side control can not update automatically?

Whether the IP address visiting the server is correct.
Whether the browser setting is correct
If the client-side control window has been opened, please close it at first.
For the reason that the browser ActiveX control supports compatibility, please use the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to visit to server.


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